What's Church of Girl?
Church of Girl is a labor of love. We are not a religious institution. Radiogirl and DJ Boy established and maintain Church of Girl -- a website with free access to:

An Internet Radio Station featuring 18 different rotations of lady-made music
A showcase of emerging female artists and all female/female fronted bands
Database index with links to nearly 2,600 female musicians and female fronted bands
Monthly downloadable mixes from DJ Boy
An online art gallery of original art and photography – free listings for artists!

Church of Girl celebrates the act of creating and stands against the culture industry.

The sh*tty truth:
Male and female musicial artists are not given equal respect as musicians. We hear from female musicians too often who hear things from their male counterparts like “chicks can't rock" or “a chicks place on stage is topless”. Women continue to be seen as ornaments (at worst) and at best as novelty acts.

There are special "Women in Rock" issues of popular magazines - and the same sexist (double) standards exist in the music industry. The reality is there are female musicians of all stripes who are making great music, but they tend to be less visible. We have to look for them. Church of Girl is a gathering place for fans and musicians alike to learn about new and emerging female musicians and artists.

The Name:
July 11, 1998, Radiogirl and Pie returned from the Portland Saturday Market with a painting on a small block of wood: a representation of a nude female resembling a cross between a Simpson and a star bellied sneetch. The painting was purchased by Pie, who left it with us when she moved back to the other coast months later. As the painting sat on our television, we were inspired to give it a name. We determined it had to be, simply, “Girl”.

For some time, nothing came from Girl. She sat quietly wherever she was placed. Then, in 1999, we decided to make our 6 year commitment formal, and get married. One night, Radiogirl had a vision that a local multi-media artist would perform our wedding; an audacious young lady by the name of Miranda July. Radiogirl asked, Miranda agreed, and for the next 11 months, they developed the 'performance'. Ms. July, of course, was not ordained; that is when the name, Church of Girl came up.

The History:
We were married in July of 2000 and took our honeymoon at Ladyfest in Olympia, WA. The outpouring of love, support and enthusiasm for women's music and art - the spirit of community - it was immense; we were compelled to find a way to advance the mission. We thought there was no better name for a shrine of inspiration for female music and art than Church of Girl. The first version of www.churchofgirl.com was launched in August 2000, and we launched Church of Girl Radio on August 22 of the same year (via Live365.com).

published sometime in 2003.

This is Girl:

She is the inspiration and a constant reminder.