Wednesdday . 21 . March . 2007

It's always late at night when we see each other, and every time, she sees me drinking a Sparks and talking about Scream Club, I swear!

Action is brainy: equal parts sociologist, shrewd observer and karaoke superstar.

I hope you enjoy her set!


action mandy

Action Hails from the backwoods of Missouri but now lives in Portland, Oregon. There she slings coffee and makes the best damn salads in town. By night she is a student. When she isn't doing the first two things, she can often be found listening to copious amounts of music and making a little of it herself. Previous projects include Vicious Unicorn with the ever-so-talented MJ Taylorrr. Currently she is working on a music thing called The Project (with Cohen). Since childhood, Action has listened to music predominantly made by the ladies. This set is dedicated to Mother Maybelle Carter, the original girly guitar hero.

Action online:

# Title Artist
1. London Song The Breeders
2. The Council Team Dresch
3. Audrey Automaticians
4. Revlon Liberation Orchestra Free Kitten
5. Jeep Song Dresden Dolls
6. Paris Katell Keineg
7. Favorite Neko Case
8. One of These Days Emmylou Harris
9. God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign The Carter Family
10. Scarface Cadallaca
11. Definition Third Sex
12. This Is About You Fighter D
13. Yesterday's News The Gossip
14. Picture Phone The Sub Debs
15. O Stella PJ Harvey
16. The Mess I'm In Three Fine Lines
17. Bittersweet Infinite X's
18. Me and Her Heavens to Betsy

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