I fell in love with Camille Davila's music the first time I listened to The World of Gliding Monsters last fall. Each song a unique work of art, it was no surprise for me to see an equally broad collection of music in Camille's guest DJ set.

Read on for more from Camille herself.

With love,
08 . 06 . 2007

Camille Davila

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I am Camille Davila, a California born artist that just moved back from a 6 year residency in the UK where I've released two albums under Below Records in Berlin, Germany and been touring Europe. I write songs and handle all my own production in my little portable studio, which, I am proud to say I have just moved to a beauitful new location in Sunny Southern California over looking the ocean where I'm working on my third album, out this summer. I am also regrouping to start playing gigs up and down the west coast here in America starting in March and will be touring the UK in the Fall of this year.

This mix is a collection of bands, some are friends of mine from Liverpool (Maude, Bexy Sitch, Race Car Ya Yas), others are women that I have gained inspiration from in their technical know-how and/or performance savy. Being an artist that works on the technical side of engineering and production I really value women who are not intimdated by the electronic side of music (i.e. Lauri Andersen, Takako Minekawa, Stina Nordenstam). I have also included other classic female heroes who have contributed to the music world with their sheer magnetic vocal ability and intensity (i.e. Nico, Doris Day, Mary Ford, Emmy Lou Harris etc).

www.camilledavila.com - New site launch March 1st with new video debut directed by Jackie Passmore (Video / Artist / Director / Ladytron / Stereolab's visual artist). Vist the site where you can purchase music, design your own album artwork, get your picture posted in the fan section, join the mailing list to hear about upcoming releases and tour dates, and purchase your own Camille Davila Rubiks Cube and other fun merchandise.

www.myspace.com/camilledavila - MySpace where you can hear tracks from my last album "World of Gliding Monsters."

www.myspace.com/camilledavilaprescreen - MySpace where you can hear new tracks from upcoming album due out this summer.

My music is also available on iTunes.

# Title Artist
1. Micro Mini Cool Takako Minekawa
2. Fighting Chances Maude
3. Lori Glory Stina Nordenstam
4. Pure Pleasure Seeker Moloko
5. Phantom Broadcast
6. Cosmonaute Stereo Total
7. Everybody Loves A Lover Doris Day
8. Deed I Do Les Paul & Mary Ford
9. Sin City Beck & Emmy Lou Harris
10. Mexico Race Car Ya Yas
11. Schoen Von Hinten Stereo Total
12. Keen Yellow Planet Stina Nordenstam
13. Nana Nana Drive Maude
14. Speaker LA Bexy Sitch
15. I'm Not Saying Nico
16. Let X=X Lauri Andersen
17. Come On Lets Go Broadcast

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