Friday, April 27, 2007

It's a gorgeous sunny day here in Portland and I'm more than ready for full-frontal Springtime. I originally aired Jenny Hoyston's Mix December 4 2006 - January 15, 2007. It's really fantastic.


Friday, October 6, 2006

Dear Church of Girl,

Hi, my name is Jenny Hoyston. I live in San Francisco, California. I made this mix from my place, here, on 3rd street, above the noisy construction. (They're building the light rail outside. Hopefully I won't get evicted this year, but the way condos are sprouting up all over its only a matter of time, I guess).

It is my understanding that Church of Girl is not a cult, but a group of people who pay homage to women-identified artists and musicians. In support of you, I've included tracks made by myself and other female-identified artists in this broadcast, but this is not typical stuff! This is music that pushes the envelop, spanning four decades of pioneering women.

I hope you like the mix. Please come say Hi if Errase Errata or my solo act Paradise Island comes to your town. Adios... Goddess bless... Take care... Enjoy the music ...

Track List - Church of Girl Broadcast:

# Title Artist
1. Poppies Buffy Ste. Marie
2. No Date Vikki
3. 14 Horses Mary Timony
4. Bathing suits for patsy Lisa C.
5. i heart gunz ff
6. My Pal Lonliness Dynasty
7. Mule Skinner Blues Dolly Parton
8. Hannah's Song Chromatics
9. F You Tami Tamion 12"
10. Shizoforest Love Suite Jefferson Airplane
11. By The Time It Gets Dark Sandy Denny
12. Woodstock Joni Mitchell
13. Journey to Sachindanenda Alice Coltrane
14. Monster Boogie Paradise Island
15. We're All Dying Paradise Island
16. The Beautiful Late Nights Paradise Island
17. Got a Light Paradise Island
18. Deprogrammed Paradise Island

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