Julie Sabatier is a multi-media journalist. She writes for local news outlets and produces a monthly radio show for KBOO Community Radio called DIY, Portland. The show explores revolutionary do-it-yourself projects and airs on at 10:00 am (pdt/gmt-7) the third Thursday of every month. Ms. Sabatier interviewed featured Church of Girl alongside CD Baby in a story about music distribution in December 2006. You can listen or download the show here.

I have come to know her as one of the jewels of Portland, and am so excited to introduce her to you. She is sharp, smart, committed and completely impressive. I know you'll enjoy her mix, "Charlatans With Lonely Hearts". Tune in to Church of Girl Radio for the Guest DJ Hour - or stream the mix using the player below.

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Odorono - Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out

New Yorker Petra Haden covers an entire album made before she was born and she does it all with her voice. This song was stuck in my head the day I made this mix, but the whole album is really spectacular.

Girl Singing in the Wreckage - Black Box Recorder

I don't know much about this British band, but this song has saved my life more than once. For me, it really captures the angst and triumph of being a girl in her late teens/early twenties. Le sigh.

I Like Giants - Kimya Dawson

If Kimya Dawson's unusual voice sounds familiar, you may have heard her singing the high notes in The Moldy Peaches with Adam Green. Kimya Dawson writes music about her daily life with a mixture of childlike wonder and a delightfully irreverent wit. This is a song to sing to yourself when you feel anxious. It might help if you make up a little dance to go with it.

Secret Heart - Feist

I was introduced to Feist at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival two years ago. The Vancouver festival is an amazing amalgamation of musical performances from a global collection of bands and singer/songwriters. Feist didn't start to grow on me until after I left Vancouver and my friend Chris Merrick confessed he'd been listening to her CD pretty much nonstop. I took his recommendation to heart and it didn't take long until I, too, was hooked. "Secret Heart" made it onto the mix because it's a good song, but also to remind us all that anyone who doesn't tell someone how they really feel because they are afraid is the worst kind of charlatan.

Broken Bottle - Laura Gibson

Portland is lucky enough to call this talented lady local. And because she is part of a section of Portland's music scene that is both original and refreshingly unpretentious, you'll actually see her out at shows. The first time I heard her sing, I was struck by the timeless elegance of her voice. She was singing "Baby It's Cold Outside" alongside Nick Jaina at Mississippi Studios, but it could have been Bedford Falls. This track comes from her debut album "If You Come to Greet Me."

Strange Fruit - Cassandra Wilson

Are you sitting down? This song, originally sung by Billie Holiday, was famous for quieting or even clearing a room. Billie herself was said to have broken down nearly every time she performed the song, though it became a major staple of her repertoire. It becomes obvious why when you listen to the lyrics. The song comes from a poem written by a Brooklyn school teacher and alleged "communist" named Abel Meeropol. This version is the first one I ever heard and I think Cassandra Wilson's haunting voice does the material justice.

I Found a Reason - Cat Power

Speaking of lonliness, it's Cat Power. Known for her paralyzing stage fright, this lady's music has a kind of authentic fragility to it. I love this song because it was my introduction to Cat Power, and even more so because a pretty girl gave it to me on a mix for Valentine's Day.

Lonely - Billie Holiday

No mix would be complete without something from the Queen of Lonely Hearts herself - Ms. Billie Holiday. I really don't know where to start with reasons to love this song. I think I like it so much because it's sad subject matter set to an upbeat tempo that makes it feel so sexy.

Echo Shadow and Me - Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee is probably best known for her 1958 hit "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," but "Echo Shadow and Me" blows that one out of the water if you ask me. It's a great song to dance to in your living room.

Eden Blues - Edith Piaf

Say you've been living it up in Paris for a week in a borrowed apartment and your traveling companion has left you alone for one last night in the city. What should you do? Me, I bought a bottle of cheap red wine and an Edith Piaf greatest hits album and made a lovely, lonely night of it. (Eden Blues is made all the more poignant for me because I once began a doomed romance with a kiss during this song.)

Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap

My brother and I can't agree on much. (He's a hardcore Billy Joel fan. Need I say more?) But we both love this song. There's just something mesmerizing about the dual vocals and the precise lyrics that gets at each of our very distinct tastes. Also, Imogen Heap wore an amazing hat to the Grammy Awards this year and I have to respect a girl who can pull off daring headgear at a public ceremony.

Chinese New Year - Per Se

Per Se is a perfect example of local ladies who can hang with the big name classics of the past. Anne Adams is one of the best songwriters in town. I was first introduced to her writing voice through a series of bookmark zines she made. This is one of my favorite Anne/Per Se songs.

Shitloads of Money - Liz Phair

I'm a longtime Liz Phair fan. I first heard her music on WHFS, the alternative rock station in Baltimore, where I grew up. I love this song because it basically describes how I feel about all the amazing creative people I know in Portland-I know most of them don't really care about money, but they all deserve shitloads of it.

Reno Dakota - Magnetic Fields

OK, so not exactly a female-only band, but the Magnetic Fields rock my world and I just had to include this cryptic little ditty about a master charlatan.

I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl - Nina Simone

Here's a dirty little number from Nina Simone. I don't have much to say about it, except that Nina is always there for you when the lonely charlatans let you down.

Familia - Mirah

This is one of my personal theme songs, all about trying to hold on to a time and place that makes you feel you're among family. This almost-local lady really has some of the cutest music ever.

Linda - Rachel Taylor Brown

This song came off of a compilation disc called "Take Care of Yourself," made for a benefit concert for John Vecchiarelli, a Portland musician who had to pay for unexpected surgery on his face when he had a tumor removed from his sinus. Being a musician, Vecchiarelli of course did not have insurance. Apparently, he wasn't going to let his friends do the benefit concert until Rachel Taylor Brown convinced him. Maybe she sang him this song.

Unwinding the Wind - Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains is a local 5-piece band composed of two girls and three guys, all of whom are very talented, all of whom I call friends. Song-writing credits for this one go to Ali Ippolito, who sings lead vocals on her spooky, theatrical tune. Can this really be the end? Yes, I guess it can.

# Title Artist
1. Odorono Petra Haden
2. Girl Singing in the Wreckage Black Box Recorder
3. I Like Giants Kimya Dawson
4. Secret Heart Feist
5. Broken Bottle Laura Gibson
6. Strange Fruit Cassandra Wilson
7. I Found A Reason Cat Power
8. Lonely Billie Holiday
9. Echo Shadow And Me Brenda Lee
10. Eden Blues Edith Piaf
11. Hide and Seek Imogen Heap
12. Chinese New Year Per Se
13. Shitloads Of Money Liz Phair
14. Reno Dakota The Magnetic Fields
15. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl Nina Simone
16. Familia Mirah
17. Linda Rachel Taylor Brown
18. Unwinding the Wind Heroes & Villains

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