Ladymade Original Jewelry Designs
Each Piece Hand Drawn and Colored

New Ladymade Designs

New Ladymade Designs

Ladymade Original Shrink Art Jewelry Designs

"Having grown up during the era of shrinkydinks I am totally sold on your art! I think it is creative, beautiful and fashionable too!!"
- Virginia C., Lynchburg, VA

"I think (your necklaces) are like tiny paintings and they make me happy".

- Kirsten V., Hollywood, CA

"LOVE 'EM! Got one hooked to a bag like Tarina Tarantino - just your stuff is cooler!"
-Diana W., Portland, OR

You can find Ladymade designs at these fabulous retail locations:

Crafty Wonderland
808 SW 10th Avenue
Portland OR 97205
Presents of Mind
3633 SE Hawthorne
Portland OR 97214

Custom Order Pet Art Necklaces

If you are interested in placing a custom order, making a wholesale purchase, arranging consignment, or teaming up with Ladymade some other way, please get in touch.