received 03.06

Rock On, VA!

59H20 are Donna Thornton (lead vocals), Kelly Hanz (keyboards, vocals), Wiley Long (Drums, vocals), Rob Birzer (lead guitar), and Gus Dahart (bass guitar). The group formed in 1995 with the idea that a group of musicians having passion for their craft can create powerful music. They have played around Virginia and regionally in clubs around the Northeast and are sponsored by a handful of organizations, including The United Hockey League and Harley Davidson.

The twelve songs on their CD Lifeline showcase the richly layered east coast pop sensibility that defines 59H20. Donna creates a strong presence with her voice. She demonstrates an impressive range, yet does not overpower the music with her strong voice.

59H20 are currently playing dates in Richmond and could be reporting some serious news in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
12 August 2006