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Prime Time

Sometimes, we just can’t resist a talented and sweet solo jazz artist. Like Rachel Sage or Sara Gazarek, Amy Kuney has a more grown up style and is incredibly thoughtful and well grounded. Amy shares our belief that writing is a quiet protest and it doesn’t get its due in our sensationalistic times. We enthusiastically support this young woman’s talents and dreams.

Amy says her whole life has been about music. She grew up in a Southern Baptist household in Tulsa OK. Her young life was filled with music from the hymnal and she actually began classical piano lessons at the wee age of 5. Her interest in pop stardom began at the age of 12 after Tulsa favorites The Hanson brothers had their hit with “MmmmBop”. That dream was cut short because just a year later, her Dad decided to move the family to Honduras to do misson work.

Her new home was in the Honduran jungle, fenced in by razor wire. Amy spent her teen years in Honduras and "came of age" there with no popular culture or even a peer group of american kids. Her childs dreams of being a pop princess faded were replaced with more adult concerns -- “No longer did I care what Brittany sears was wearing or who was dating who; I now had new and more “grown up” things to think about.

Amy did a lot of growing in Honduras, but her interest in making music never went away. When she returned to the states, she wasted no time creating a music career for herself. In August 2004, she signed to an independent record label called Centinela Music. In November of last year, the intrepid Ms. Kuney appeared on the WB’s Gilmore Girls. Her music was featured on the daytime show Passions which just aired in February. Her self-titled CD released on March 7 and a national tour is in the works for later in this year.