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In July 2006, Unpretty was released worldwide on Fontana North / Universal and is available in retail stores across Canada, online at maplemusic.com, and select tracks are downloadable from itunes!


Anti-Hero are: Rose Perry, Nic VanHaverbeke (backing vocals/bass/guitar), Jesse Tomes (lead guitar/piano/keyboards) and Matty (drums). The group formed during the Summer of 2004 in London/Toronto, Ontario Canada with a common vision of rejuvenating appreciation of true blue rock ‘n’ roll. You see, while each member brought a unique set of influences to the table (from punk to opera), they all shared a love for 70's guitar rock.

Their musical perspectives are reflected quite nicely in the ten songs on their debut CD, Unpretty. True to their mission, the group have created a hard rock album incorporating punk and metal as expressed by Jesse's riffs, solos and strummings as well as Nic's megaton bass and her forceful background vocals, which are a perfect compliment to the soul-tinged vocals of front woman Rose Perry.

Rose is a prolific young woman. She first performed at age 4, composed her fist song at age 7 and at 15, formed HER, an all-girl pop/rock group that rose to a level of fame. She now manages Anti-Hero through her company HER Records.

Rose has very strong convictions about her music and that it ought to have a message: “We aren’t going to stop until we are heard. We aren’t just another rock band – we’ve got a message, we speak out for what we believe in, and we want to make a change”. Her lyrics are heartfelt responses to issues like unrealistic body expectations for women: “I feel so damn unpretty/ I’ll never be the girl posing in your fashion magazines".

Anti-Hero has been successful in getting endorsements and sponsorships from a number of enterprises like Coverzone Magazine Daisyrock Guitars, Sfarzo Strings, Saluda Cymbals, Hotpicks Usa, Stitches For Bitches Clothing and Alesse Birth Control. They recently finished a showcase event at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, where Ant-HERO was selected to appear in front of A & R reps and record labels. They are touring the Midwest and Canada over the spring and summer so if yr looking for hard rockin good time, Anti-Hero is for you.

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