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cochon records

Darkwave Sax

In September 2004, Jessie Evans was on a plane with her bandmate Brian. They called their musical project The Vanishing and they were moving to Berlin. Just after the plane landed, they were whisked away in true rock star fashion take part in an interview that happened to include Bettina Koster - female vocalist/sax player and former member of the legendary band Malaria! whose music was a staple of underground Berlin in the early eighties.

Jessie is also a female vocalist sax/player with an interest in the dark and dancy like Bettina. They were both intrigued at the uncanny similarity of the music they make; as if one picked up where the other left off. The two became fast friends and as fate would have it, bandmates. The Vanishing parted ways and Jessie and Bettina created Autonervous.

Their self titled CD was recorded at Fraulelein Studio and mixed/mastered by Ingo Krauss at Lost in Space. On this luscious and theatrical album, Bettina and Jessie play sax and sing over big electronic beats informed by film soundtracks, darkwave pop, new wave, latin techno and free jazz. Bettina's deep and sensuous voice and Jessie's lissome vocals play out well together.

The CD was released on Cochon Records June 6, 2006 and a track was included on the Chicks on Speed Records compilation 'Girl Monster' which features 60+ tracks of women in music. Autonervous have played concerts as diverse as the Drop Dead Festival in New York, Moment Theatre in Stockholm and V and W Design Matrix at the Marta Herford Museum in Germany. They are currently living in Berlin and planning record release parties in Stockholm, Paris, Salerno, Miami, Puerto Rico, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We’re sure there’s more to come from this mysterious duo in 2007.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 08. April. 2007