The Village Lanterne
received 03.06
SPV Records

Reniassance Rock

Blackmore's Night is former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his musical and life partner Candice Night. They originally formed as a band in 1997 and released Shadow of the Moon, showcasing their haunting combination of rock, folk, and melodies from the renaissance era. Their unique sound has translated into a unique touring schedule; playing in venues ranging from ancient castles in rural France and historic churches in the hills of Eastern Europe to renaissance fairs and SCA events.

Their latest release Village Lanterne is a fanciful mix of drums, centuries-old instruments like shawms, chanters, and the rauchpfiefe with Ritchie Blackmore's guitar and hurdy-gurdy and Candice Night's otherworldly vocals. Candice's enchanting voice is perfectly matched to the music - powerful and emotive while always maintaining a fragile quality. The songs on Village Lanterne accomplish the goal Candice has for all of BN's music in that they take you to a "more beautiful, magical place...a wonderful a more relaxing, innocent, and simpler time".

We are particularly impressed with the songs on this release, because Ritchie and Candace are scholars of the mores and culture of the middle ages – and are dedicated researchers to learn about the music of the era. A particular challenge, as it is a known fact that the music of medieval times is extremely difficult to recreate. We learned that most of the songs created 500 years ago were:

“improvised by bards that traveled from town to town, by farm laborers needing to pass the time in the fields, and by musicians accompanying the many impromptu dances and festivals of the day. It was music created to elevate the quotidian moments of everyday life. As such, many of the songs of that time have passed away with he men and women who created them”.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
14 August 2006