The Convenience of Facism
received 02.06

The purity below

The elegant Ms. Cameron Ember is back again. Her latest release, The Convenience of Fascism, is also her second collaboration with Jerry Vessel and Anthony Koutsos of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon.

The Convenience of Facism is rife with shoegazey pop melodies that are flawlessly accompanied by Cameron's sweet voice. Vocal talent which reminds us of Josephine Wiggs – though Cameron definitely has a talent for articulating human melancholy, but doing so in a way that is musically pleasant and sweet. Her lyrics fearlessly explore the darker side of closely-held American sentimentalities, lacing them with tears, hurt, and emptiness.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
13 August 2006



Good Things Happen ...
to Bad People
received 10.05

It's gonna be a great year

Cameron Ember has a background as a performance artist and experimental filmmaker. It explains the vividness of the lyrics and music she wrote on her 2005 EP Good Things Happen to Bad People.

She also sings and plays guitar on this release, which also features Anthony Koutsos (drums) and Jerry Vessel (bass). Jerry was also with Red House Painters and Sun Kill Moon. Good Things Happen to Bad People was recorded and produced by Cameron Ember in a “mostly linear fashion” and utilizing no reverb or other effect the vocals (other than multi-tracking). The songs are heavy – reflecting on wrong paths, devastation and loss. They are slow and quiet with stark lyrics, hazy guitar and a voice suggestive of Aimee Mann.

Cameron Ember is currently working on a new “tiny album” which we will look forward to hearing soon.