Railroad Tracks
received 05.05

asinella records

A is for Artist

Clara Luzia is a former collaborator of Alalie Lilt. Clara reincarnated her solo project in the pursuit of new creative endeavors. On her release Railroad Tracks, Clara produces mellow atmospheric folk songs with a large range of organic instrumentation provided by additional musicians. The menagerie includes piano, percussion, accordion, glockenspiel, cello, banjos, horns, organs and even the occasional washboard. Her words are composed of thoughtful soul comparisons and interpersonal journeys through poetry.

Clara balances her tales with a ‘personal is political’ mentality and strikes with phrases like “Look what a lucky gal I am / the only thing I have to fight is homophobia, racism and sexism / Look what a lucky gal I am / I can choose between their tolerance and their abuse”. Her voice is the element which carries her songs into the endearing realm of attractive imperfection adding to the emotive heaviness of her words.

By emBROWNLOWe + Church of Girl
Published 19. October. 2006