Terroreyes - The Demos
received 04.06


Dark and Sexy

Corvo have a stark European aesthetic; unique in their penchant for gothic imagery and their approach to art and narrative. (We loved their package so much, we scanned the blood spattered envelope for the background of this page). Their name, "Corvo" is derived from the Italian word for raven – or crow.

They are but two: G9 (instruments) and NiNi (vocals, lyrics). Their sound is edgy – at once beautiful and sinister. Evocative, heavy and driving, Corvo’s music and lyrics are inspired by H.P Lovecraft and will have a special appeal for our gothic metal and industrial music fans. Citing a varied range of influences such as Lacuna Coil, Roxy Music, The Cure, Siouxsie and The Banchees, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails and Tangerine Dream, Corvo blend their unwavering style to create music that has been described as “evil opera”, “so scary it’s beautiful,” and “sexy as hell”.

Their first EP, Terroreyes: The Demos, was released in April 2006. Corvo are working on their a full-length slated for release in winter 2006. We can't wait to hear what comes next for this alluring duo.

By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
24. September. 2006