Retro Dolls From Hipsville
received 03.06

Mod Stylee

DollSquad are from Melbourne and the members are Joey (vocals), Julie (guitar), Janet (bass), and Nicola (drums). They put out a collection of fantastic girls-in-the-garage style pop music on their latest release, Retro Dolls from Hipsville. The all-female group dons matching go-go girl spy outfits when they play live. And they’re quite successful; they are popular enough in their native Australia to have their own action figures!!!

The songs on Retro Dolls from Hipsville draw on various pop music influences including garage, motor city, and new-wave. Their sound will appeal especially to fans of The Brood, Nikki & The Corvette and Gore Gore Girls. DollSquad are sweetly melodic and danceable, with flirtatious bass lines and mean rhythms mixed in with dirty garage guitar; all played with passion, artfulness and soul.

DollSquad may become yr next guilty pleasure. The ladies have just wrapped up a European tour but will be touring Spain soon with a new lineup. Treat yourself to a night of groovy hi-energy intrigue with Melbourne's favorite secret agents.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
12 August 2006

August 20 Update from Joey:

"Hey Church of Girl,

Thanks for the review of the DollSquad cd even though that is a very, very old release....since that release that old line up (which is now no longer) cut a 7" for Cherry Bomb (Belgium) and a full length cd for Teen Sound (Italy) - all with the OLD LINEUP!.

The old line up broke up because three of the old members left the band in the middle of our Euro tour this year. So I had to find new members to finish the tour.

Joey Backseat and the NEW DollSquad formed in June 2006 and played the Suicide Twist festival in Brussels. The NEW DollSquad are: Joey on vox, Cecile (Curlee Wurlee) on organ, Veronika (Boonarraaas, Cherry Pops) on guitars, Betina (Drums) and Alexandra (Speedball Jnr) on bass. We are not touring Spain at this stage but we are touring Europe again in 2007 and a new vinyl release is due out soon (we have just finished recording) and we have a song (Bad News Travels Fast, recorded just last week (12th August) for the new Fuzztones tribute sampler.

Our new and OFFICIAL myspace is located at because we had to have myspace delete the old one which was unfortunately hijacked by the old band members.

We are also working on getting up and running!

Thanks for your support!
Joey Backseat