received 02.06


Lush Sounds from coastal Scotland

Billy (voice/guitar) and Susan (backing vocals and keyboards) formed Electroluvs in Scotland in 1999 in reaction to the boy-heavy post-Britpop prevalent of the time. Electroluv's lo-fi recording of the Bolanesque electro glam song “Digging Yr Grave” was featured on a compilation “The Great Unknown” and became their first release.

In 2001, they released "Balti e.p.” on their own Xstatic records and it became a single of the week in Scotland’s Sunday Herald. The duo played Scotland’s first synth-pop pre-fab tour (Beat Boxes on Fire) and appeared on Television with their second single “He’s a Nightmare”. They even played a fantastic and well received show at Ladyfest London. Not long after the Ladyfest gig, Susan left the band to pursue teaching full time.

In early 2003, Kaye joined Billy as singer and keyboard player. They pitched out the instruments, and ushered in a whole new Look. They released “Mk 1” and the single “N.S.D.” showcasing the now infamous trademark “dentist’s drill” keyboards. They debuted at Aberdeen’s goth/fetish club Elysium in April 2003, supporting Manda Rin’s “The Kitchen” and have been playing sporadically and releasing limited singles in unusual formats.

US synthpop label Ninthwave Records signed the Electroluvs after someone at the label heard their remix of a song by Ninthwave artist, Spray. Being the international hotspot that we are, Church of Girl, was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Electroluvs 10-track CD release, Bubblewrapped.

Influenced by bands like The B-52’s, Stereolab, The Fall and Sisters of Mercy, Electroluvs make “hypnotic, bleepy, Krautrocky music with dueling boy/girl vocals”, the songs on Bubblewrapped are diverse, complicated, energetic, and ultimately, genre-defying. For example ‘Over & Over’ sounds like a surf-song lullabye; ‘Wicked Girl’ is sexy and dancable ; ‘On Thin Ice’ sounds like a lost 80’s anthem.

Outside their work together as Electroluvs, Bily and Kaye also work together collaboratively and individually with other artists – producing band such as Motormark and Decider, contributint to songs by Thee Moths, Germlin, Pulsar and Nitrada and remixing songs by The Human League, My Legendary Girlfriend and others.

Church of Girl, 04.23.06