Dimestore Mary
received 02.06

Cat in a Dress Records

Authentic and Stunning

Since we announced Elisa Flynn a Radio Star in March, we have become ever more endeared to her work. People pause to ask “Who is THIS?” when we play her songs. Her music lingers, like the soundtrack to now only vaguely familiar moments of the past.

Based out of Brooklyn NY, the magical Ms. Flynn recently released The Dimestore Mary EP; taking her musical career on a solo path after many years of playing guitar and singing in bands like Bunny Brains, freaky Baby (post-punk rock), Jargon Society (chamber pop with guitars and cello), and most recently, The Happy ending (indie rock/pop). In fact, The Dimestore Mary EP includes the amazing song ‘Even’ which first appeared on The Happy Ending’s May 2005 submission. Over the years, Elisa has played countless shows, including the first "Riot Grrl Festival" and opening for the Jesus Lizard and Stereolab!

Elisa describes her music as “a stew, of 80’s & 90’s indie music sautéed up nicely with 1940’s folk and 1960’s punk in some kind of musical cast iron skillet”. We are attracted to her authenticity, especially on "Turtle King" where strong tribal drumbeats make a timeless background for delicate keys and gritty words of possible confession. Her idols and influences include Joe Strummer, PJ Harvey, Flaming Lips, Robyn Hitchcock..

The Dimestore Mary EP, is stunning and should become part of your collection.