ellen allien and apparat
Orchestra of Bubbles
received 09.06


Turbo Dreams

In German "to talk bubbles" means to talk about things of little substance or "make smalltalk". Ellen Allien and Apparat's album Orchestra of Bubbles is an electronic representation of the human tendency to talk on and on about nothing and how the sense of life can get lost in a cloud of "bubbles".

Both Ellen and Apparat have personal projects (i.e. their labels Bpitch Control and Shit Catapult), but the two have common ideals and understanding of art and music. On Orchestra of Bubbles, the duo created music different from either of their solo efforts and bigger than the sum of its parts.

Orchestra of Bubbles is poppy and vocal-driven with a full range of textures -- effervescent synth bass, granulating delay, penetrating beats, pneumatic guitar riffs, tilting strings -- and rhythms that cycle between slithering techno and the consolidated sway of electro-breaks. There is a hidden element not heard so much as felt; the friendship and playfulness between Ellen and Apparat. This quality turns the album into a kind of artists playground that is bewitching and absorbing.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 24 July 2007