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// now airing on radio stars 2, pop and mellow //

Pop Princess

Ellie Myles comes from a village in Surrey – outside of the city of London. Her love of music was recognized early on by her parents. They actually used their savings to buy a piano and lessons for their daughter.

Very quickly, she proved it was worth the investment. She excelled at music theory and was granted a scholarship to pursue years of training in classical music. For the last 14 years or so, Ellie has been writing her own material.

After playing acoustically on the London circuit for a year, Ellie decided to form a band to more thoroughly express the depth of her musical visions. In 2003, she met Darren Michael and began writing and recording music. In March of 2005, Ellie formed a new band which has toured London and the UK. Ellie continues to write with Darren in the studio.

Ellie supported Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters at the Animal Beach Ball Festival in Newquay and Matt Goss at the opening of his UK tour - mastering her art and winning over new fans everywhere she plays! Her solid classical training is evident in her strong pop songs that are catchy without being saccharine or vapid. Ellie’s voice is addictive! She plays regular London gigs and looks forward to performing with her band at some of the UK's major festivals in 2006.

We look forward to seeing what direction her talent takes her next.