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The enigmatic emBROWNLOWe is a talent unto herself.

New songs from a special CD sampler are now airing on Radio Stars 1, 2 Mellow and Pop hours on Church of Girl Radio.

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photo:  Julia Laxer


//emBROWNLOWe airs on radio stars 1, mellow and electro hours //


The more familiar we become with emBROWNLOWe as an artist, the more deeply we understand the space between the allure of pointed detachment and the comfort of obsession. She is prolific; in addition to her solo work, emBROWNLOWe is one half of Swallows, and is now drumming for Portland’s Advisory.

Em grew up in San Diego, and spent her teenage years involved with the open mic scene. She quickly became a known quantity in local cafes, and the same pattern is inexorably replicating in her musical career. She is talent, condensed, and avers to have been swayed by the musical stylings of a large range of artists, including: PJ Harvey, the B-52s, Cat Power, Scout Nibblett, Stereolab, Jim Morrison, Radiohead, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Shannon Wright.

Her musical career dates nearly 10 years to her early teen years when she was the guitarist/vocalist for Dawn’s Revenge. She opened for Le Tigre during their first US tour in 2000. A short time later as ‘the Anti-Em Project (2000 – 2003), she shared a stage with The Bangs and Tracy + The Plastics, Anna Oxygen, Jen Wood, Rebecca Gates and others. And her resume goes on: Most recently, Em worked with Radio Sloan (ex-The Need) to record Swallows first full length release due out on Cherchez La Femme Projects this fall.

In her current solo project, emBROWNLOWe plays with sound and the results are powerful. Phasing in, out and through indie pop, gypsy-folk rock, electro pop, emo-goth melodies and psychedelic elements: though her most devastating talent is her inimitable voice: penetrating, haunting, confident.

We are intrigued with her creative process in the making of Flight. Em says, “Flight was written, recorded and produced during the winter of 2006 … in [my] bedroom which [I] nicked The View. [I] was "completely infatuated with the idea of total immersion" during the recording process and would simultaneously write a diverse collection of songs postponing sleep, nourishment and social interaction.”

Although she does not consider herself a strong lyricist, we find her words symbolically meaningful and essentially poetic. It’s clear she is thoughtful; reflective; and contemplates the eternal issues of mortality, human and artistic validation as well as self-concept.

With her drive and creative intensity, it’s certain we will have more music from her soon.
By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
16 May 2006



emBROWNLOWe: flight

emBROWNLOWe's debut album, Flight, can now be purchased on CDBaby: