Smoke Through It
received 11.05
future cabaret records

Trip Hop Mélange

Milwaukie based Endless Blue take the downtempo sound of early 1990's Brisol in a new trip-hop direction. The duo take the signature lo-fi beats of trip-hop, pair them with antique synths, and match it to jazzy bass lines creating smooth and wistful trip-hop/synth-pop.

Lead vocalist, Larura Hillman, draws her distinct vocal sound through various influences, including the torch singers of the 40’s, classic female rockers and modern day trip-hop singers. Her voice fits perfectly alongside the ethereal synths and chill beats. She met Nick Mitchell in Madison in 2001, during their STATE4 days. Nick is the talent behind all the technology and production of Endless Blue. Live, Nick stands "behind the curtain" pushing myriad buttons, playing keyboards and guitar.

Smoke Through It was produced by Nick Mitchell, and is their second full length. It was released in 2005 on Future Cabaret Records. Fans of Tricky, Portishead, DJ Shadow and Hooverphonic will definitely want to check out the habit-forming Endless Blue. The band is taking a break from live shows until the summer of 2006 and has started thinking about the next album. Laura says that thenext album "might be kind of a leap away from triphop" and that theya are "ready for something a little more lamb-y or baxter-ish. Perhaps a little higher BPM while staying downtempo". We will keep our ear to the ground, 'cuz we're pretty sure the next step in Endless Blue's musical evolution will be breathtaking.


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ENDLESS BLUE: Smoke Through It

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