Mix Messages
received 04.06

Deep Pocket Records

Mix Messages

Girl Without Fear are an unexpected five piece band from Los Angeles. Bandmates Demetria (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and J.D. Schultz (Rhythm and Lead Guitar/Drums) met via Demetria’s roommate who was then recording demos with J.D.. Their chemistry was undeniable, and together with Monica Carter (Bass), Brian Capello (piano/keyboard/synthesizer/samples) and Greg Collister (drums), they formed as Girl Without Fear.

The band’s anthology of sound ranges from classic to modern rock, electronic pop, funk-inspired beats, and Middle Eastern riffs which these devout music lovers distill into a rich creamy electropop frappe. The songs on Mixed Messages live up to its name. The twelve tracks are like an "emotional roller coaster" with poetic lyrics about deep sadness, belief in the future and reflection – all delightfully delivered by Demetria's honey-pop voice.

The band has a motto "fear not who you are, fear not what you want, fear not what others think". While this attitude does not guarantee success, in the case of Girl Without Fear – it’s working. The group has developed a truly unique electronic pop sound. Already they have been featured by LA taste-makers DJ Rodney Bingheimer and DJ Cathy Tamkin, and now by international taste-makers Church of Girl!

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 19. October. 2006