The Prejudice of
a Certain Personality Type

received 03.06

Organic Electro

Jariya make extraordinary music.

The members of Jariya - Eve Buigues (lead vocals, piano, keyboards, loops, drums), Andrea Bensmiller (guitars, electric violin, mandolin, synth, vocal effects) and Marika Tjelios (bass, keyboards, guitar, samples + loops, drums, vocals) - are from France, United States, Canada respectively. They came to Los Angeles to work and create art and found each other through their mutual love of music. The ladies all are multi-talented and play a wide variety of instruments.

Jariya’s sophomore release The Prejudice of a Certain Personality Type is an experiment in thoughtful, elaborate layering of electronic and organic instruments. The intricate dances of guitar, bass, electric violin, mandolin, synthesizers, keyboards, samples, loops, and drums are influenced by R&B crooners, soulful jazz and electronica. Eve's voice hovers above the depth and sensuality of the music. She weaves harmonies as diverse as they are emotionally interpretive – and occasionally tosses in a French lyric. It is no wonder the band has been compared to Radiohead.

Jariya’s music has been featured in many films, shorts and television shows including Margaret Cho’s “Notorious C.H.O” and “Bam Bam and Celeste”, Lorene Machado’s “Starcrossed”, an AOL/Launch promotion for “School of Rock” and the Discovery Health Channel’s “Impact: Stories of Survival”. They are a treat to see live because they each cycle through fifteen (15) instruments and cast a stunning visual art show.

By emBROWNLOWe + Church of Girl
Published 19. October. 2006