received 02.06


Dirty Dirty Shove

Junkbox is a 5 piece garage punk band from Tujunga, CA. Sarah (lead vocals/lyrics) and Lulu (lead vocals/lyrics) formed Junkbox in 2004. The lineup has grown to include Damian (bass/composer), Chuck (guitar/backing vocals/engineer), and Robnoxious (drums).

Sarah was an actress for 11 years and a painter for three before becoming the lead singer and songwriter for the band. For Sarah, "life is about creating new exciting crazy good stuff". Lulu's past before joining Junkbox is unknown. She says she “hates everyone, especially you”.

Junkbox's EP is a walk down bump-and-grind street. Layers of slinky guitar and bass riffs combine with the sexy female co-vocals of Sarah and Lulu to create sultry danceable tunes. The lyrics are bold, in your face and at times harshly truthful.

Junkbox is playing August 15 at the Amplify Music Conference in Las Vegas. We hear their live shows are not to be missed, so check their calendar for tour dates!

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
12 August 2006