fault, lies, and faultlines
received 12.05



Rocco Kayiatos aka Katastrophe is one of the most prominent figures in the underground homo-hop scene. Last fall, Katastrophe received an Out Music Award and was named Producer of the Year for his first release, Let’s Fuck, Then Talk About My Problems. He was also a featured youth in the acclaimed documentary Poetic License and appeared in Pick Up the Mic: the evolution of homohop about gay hip hop artists.

Katastrophe’s intrepidly honest approach to music is inspired by his struggles as a trans man and life as an outsider. In an interview with Rona Marech, Katastrophe explained, "Everyone is uncomfortable with gender. It's an uncomfortable thing, especially if you are born in a body where you have to think about it all the time," he said. "Sometimes I feel the reason I was born is to make it something comfortable for me, but also to make it comfortable for the rest of the world."

As an artist, Katastrophe is fascinating and addictive. His second album Fault, Lies, and Faultlines has quite literally stolen our hearts and captivated our minds. Katastrophe's beats are a hybrid of emo and grime with traditional and underground hip hop elements. His rhymes are clever challenges to everyday assumptions about community, space, privilege, sex and self-worth. The CD features collaborations with genre-breaking queer-positive lyricists, including spots by Quaketrap's Shaggy Manatee, Scream Club, Juba Kalamka and JB Raps of Deep Dickollective, Aggrycyst, and Romanteek's Ruby Valentine.

Katastrophe is currently taking some time off from touring to focus on recording and producing. He is planning a US tour for the summer and a European tour for the fall. His live shows are full of wild energy and charm, flirtation and intensity so be sure to catch him later this year or book him at your college.



 KATASTROPHE: fault, lies and faultlines

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