kitty and the kowalskis
Chinese Democracy
received 05.06
amp records

Long Live The Ramones

Kitty & The Kowalskis (KTK) are NYC punk veterans. They have shared the stage with many old-school punks like Iggy Pop (their first gig!), The Ramones, The Dictators, D Generation, The Undertones, The Toy Dolls, The Dickies, The Rezillosis, Vice Squad, and Stiff Little Fingers. KTK have also shared the stage with an equal number of contemporaries like the The Briefs, The Aquabats, Groovie Ghoulies, Less Than Jake, The Get Up Kids, Snuff, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, The Muffs, and The Paybacks.

While KTK fit great in classic punk lineups, it is remiss to think of them as a novelty retro band. As the songs on their latest CD Chinese Democracy reveal, KTK's sound is more appropriately described as a modern blend of high-energy melodic power pop informed by the stripped-down ethos of 70's punk. And its all brought to life by razor-sharp musicianship and Kitty's powerful lyrics and her voice! She crackles with energy and projects herself being "a punk, a wise-ass, a big-mouth and an overall irritant". It comes through the speakers and into your heart.

Their new album Chinese Democracy guest stars Damian O'Neill of The Undertones and Jesse Malin and Danny Sage of D Generation. The album artwork was illustrated by John Holmstrom.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 08. April. 2007