This Balance
received 03.06

The Influence of the World

Kristen Strezo and the Czech Republic are the duo of vocalist Kristen Strezo and instrumentalist, Robert Filippo. They performed together for many years as Hedonists, Maybe and wrote music for the GreyZelda Theatre Group in Chicago. Kristen and Robert decided to break apart from the group and work together exclusively and recently relocated to Atlanta, GA.

With a punk disposition and a style influenced by the world at large, Kristen Strezo and the Czech Republic create something completely different. Kristenís delicate and thickly emotive vocals plait over and around a bevy of ethereally understated, complex soundscapes and world beats creating a distinctively charged flavor of art rock. There are also unabashed tribal howls, hypnotic beats, delicate electronic melodies and moments of sparseness resulting in an always moody and indescribably mesmerizing sound.

With additional instrumentation from William Simmons, Fernando Medina, Pryce, Miguel Torres, Sean Blythe on different songs, their 9-track CD, This Balance, is an enrapturing collection of wholly unexpected songs. While we will be enjoying This Balance for months to come, we simply canít wait to hear what else comes from this magical duo.

By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
Published 24. September. 2006