Trouble from the Start
received 02.06
Machine Heart Records

Feel the Love!

Lisa Moscatiello is truly a musical genius. She is involved in many varied projects all which enhance and influence her trademark "acid cabaret" sound. Lisa has performed with Bev Stanton's Arthur Loves Plastic, Ellis Island, The New St.George, The Rosedale Trio, and Whirligig. Lisa is influenced by her childhood favorites (e.g. Sarah Vaughan, Joan Baez and Puccini), Irish traditional music, Jazz and Musical Theater. She has also won more than twenty Washington, DC-area music awards (WAMMIES).

Her 3rd independent release is Trouble from The Start. The CD focuses mostly on Lisa’s material and songs written by ALP collaborator Bev Stanton. She worked with an eclectic group of musicians (The Space Dots) -- Erik Wenberg (electric guitar), Jon Nazdin (upright bass) Harry Appleman (keyboards), Mark Carson/Robbie Magruder (drums) and Fred Lieder (Cello) -- to produce the album. Using Lisa & Bev's material as a jump-off point, the group created a spacey album that the listener can get lost in.

The music is beautiful, but Lisa's dynamic and honest voice captivates completely. Lisa can convey deep emotion with her deep sultry voice and with musical styles that often seem at odds. Never forced or out of her element, she can belt-out a dark haunting number then follow it with some jazz cabaret and look good while doing it. It's easy to see why Billboard described her voice as “one of the most gorgeous vocal instruments in all of folk-tinged pop”.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
30 May 2006



LISA MOSCATIELLO: Trouble from the Start

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