Listen With Sarah
The World of Listen With Sarah EP
Listen With Sarah/My Little Hula Girl
March 2007 Radio Star
cherryade records

"The truth is in the concept of time - not it's measurement"

Listen With Sarah delights us every time. In fact - we were so taken with the new songs that we contacted DJ Jester the Filipino Fist to introduce Sarah's music - and he LOVED it!

Songs from two recently released EP's The World of Listen With Sarah EP + Listen With Sarah/My Little Hula Girl are now airing on Radio Stars 1, 2 and Electro hours on Church of Girl Radio. Look for a review later. xo



Are You Sitting Comfortably
received 03.06
WOMB Records

"Bit of a discovery..." ~ John Peel 2004

Listen With Sarah is Sarah Nelsonís solo projectÖ well, she and her computer. The clever name of her musical project was inspired by the title of BBC Radio Show for mothers and pre-school children called Listen with Mother that began in 1959 and ran into the 1980ís. Also, Sarah correctly believes we could all be better listeners.

As fate would have it, Sarah is one of the last artists to be exposed by the late John Peel. In 2004, he said about her: ďA bit of a discovery . . . ď

Sarah lives in Crowborough East Sussex UK and united with her computer in late 2002. Her debut album, Are You Sitting Comfortably is technically banned due to copyright issues surrounding ĎAnimal Hopí, which contains samples of the theme song from Listen with Mother. Sarah no longer sells the record, and is working on a re-release. However, Norman Records may still have copies.

Are You Sitting Comfortably is brilliant, incorporating soft beats, dreamy layers and unexpected sounds from animals or computers, with a soft flute and a quiet wall of sound. Sarah creates a distinct electronic ocean. While the songs may see whimsical or delicately abstract, a second listen reveals a genius collection of sound.

Listen With Sarah is a favorite around Church of Girl. The playful, intelligent, (I repeat intelligent) and equally playful organic electronica is a staple in our weekly listening diet. We havenít seen Sarah work her magic live, but agree with another reviewer who noted that Sarah holds her own alongside some of the Ninjatune label darlings.

Listen With Sarah makes the top of the list all the way around.

By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
12 August 2006