Free & Easy
received 01.06

The Sound of Love

Lovespirals (LS) are Anji Bee and Ryan Lum. They create chill music that makes us feel all swank, adult, sexy and in love with love...all at once!!! Their latest release, Free and Easy, was released in late 2005 and is currently in distribution all over the US, Hong Kong and Mexico.

Anji's name was familiar to us somehow. It turns out a number of years ago, we read a fantastic interview she did with Miranda July. A great read, especially for anyone interested in Ms. July’s early involvement with in the Olympia Scene.

Years later, Anji’s creative path continues to intrigue us. Lovespirals make electro-acoustic pop songs which are dreamy, sensual, smooth and romantic. Ryan’s guitar work incorporates elements of jazz, soul and rock with modern electronic and organic sounds. Anji Bee contributes the lyrics, vocals and vocal arrangements. No auto-tune was used in the recording - preserving the essence of Lovespirals and creating a creamy hi-fi stereo sound.

Anji and Ryan are a DIY powerhouse, having collaborated on muliple projects including songwriting, recording, dance track remixing, album art and web design. They also run their own record label, internet radio station and band podcast and Anji runs Chillcuts on Live365 (a mostly female fronted electronica station). They work hard to keep a high profile and have successfully placed a number of their songs on television shows.

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