Adapting to Gravity
received 9.06

Photo by Brook-Pifer

Progressive Rockers

Lucid Fly was formed in Orlando in January 1998 by Nikki Layne (vocals) and Doug Mecca (guitar) who created the name out of a newspaper headline about female astronaut Shannon Lucid.

The group has become ever more popular, especially since the release of their EP entitled "Adapting to Gravity" in 2005. Lucid Fly receives airplay on radio stations all over the US and they have shared the stage with national acts like Seether, Darwin's Waiting Room and Indigenous.

Lucid Fly did not come out of the box as they are now. The six years leading up to the release of their EP and newfound fame were marked by constant evolution. Nikki and Doug rotated through several musicians during that time.

Featuring Jamie Russell (bass) and Josh Hoag (drums) "Adapting to Gravity" is marked by aphotic, keyed-up arrangements and intense instrumental engagement: heavyset guitar hooks and riffs, haunting drumbeats and bass. Nikki's vocals are powerful and amazing in their ability effortlessly transition from solid steel to fine porcelain.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 08. April. 2007