Three Songs EP
received 05.05
little cowgirl records

Middle C is Green

The rare and delicate Lys Guillorn (pronounced Liss Guh-LORN) sees notes as colors… and has ever since she was just three, and first started taking piano lessons. She sent us a signed, limited edition of her Three Songs EP featuring her own letterpress cover. The EP was released on Little Cowgirl Records March 21, 2006 and our adoration was instant.

Lys Guillorn’s first (self-titled) release in 2003 was well received because if it’s “interesting, twangy songs, kitchen-sink arrangements and some guest spots from members of Luna, Feelies and the late Robert Quine”.

Her endearing and subtly crooked arrangements are complex. Lys’ fragile voice carefully perforates the guitars, Fender Rhodes, Hammond and Magnus Chord organs, bass, toy piano, bells, banjo, mandolin and whatever else is around to make the sounds.

Lys Guillorn’s music is a little forlorn but not abject, and sweetly twangy. While she went backwards on the technology continuum to create the letterpress cover for the Three Songs EP – she also traded in her beloved old four-track cassette recorder for a Mac and started recording using GarageBand! She is primarily a recording artist – though she does play a little bit around NYC and in her home state of Connecticut.

Some time back, Lys played with fellow Church of Girl Radio Star Elisa Flynn in a band called Jargon society! We will be waiting patiently for more music from this solo artist for whom we have grown so fond.

By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
19. October. 2006