Waiting for Another Fall
received 02.06

Heads On Sticks

All the Fragile Edges

Mercurine’s second full-length release, Waiting for Another Fall is a lush and complicated journey through variegated territory. Mercurine can be interpreted much like a dream, with lyrical meanings based in personal, often social, and always emotional experiences. Their fresh interpretation of moody, edgy electro-rock is distinct: moody guitars and determined synths. The project incorporates influential elements from New Order, Curve, Sisters of Mercy, My Bloody Valentine and Nine Inch Nails. The dreamy synths, dissonant feedback, and driving beats form a lush background for Mera’s frail to formidable vocals that illuminate the dark spaces.

Mera Roberts (vocals, lyrics, bass, cello and electronic programming) is primarily known as a cellist. She is brilliantly multi-talented and has built a loyal following from her work with bands such as black tape for a blue girl, Faith and the Muse, Cassandra Complex and her solo project, Oblivia. She connected with Byron Brown (guitar, bass, synthesizer or programming & backup vocals) an artist, brilliant in his creation of rich soundscapes. Byron has contributed his talent to bands such as Kommunity FK, The Superfiends and the New Ambassadors of Love.

Mercurine recently wrapped up a Midwest tour with Rachael’s Surrender. Check Mercurine's website for news about what comes next for this compelling duo.

By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
12 August 2006