The Sound of Something Breaking
received 04.05
lady lush records

Hello Rock Star!

Morgan Grace has been a songwriter ever since her teenage years and is currently teamed up with the legendary beat keeper, Sam Henry (The Wipers, Napalm Beach). Summer of 2006 was both busy and successful for the duo as they captured first place and $10K in the American Idol Underground songwriting contest for their previous release, The Rules of Dating. They also performed at the first We Made This Festival in August and continue to ‘wow’ Portland rock fans with their X Tribute Band.

It is easy to compare Morgan Grace to other female fronted rock bands of the mid 90’s. However, Morgan Grace has her very own moodiness and pop sensibility. Provocative lyrics delivered through sweet and sultry vocal melodies are what make Morgan Grace stand apart from other rock goddesses of her genre. Her charm is memorable and captivating but not in the angelic-acoustic-crooner sort of way. She is a rocker who demands your attention, respect and hell-yeah’s.

Her latest release, The Sound of Something Breaking is alluring and shows even more of her potential. The album dives in full force with ‘Thin Lizzy’, a song with jazzy drum dynamics and demands the listener’s ear. The second track, ‘Just a Little Crush’ keeps driving forward with a recognizable pop punk guitar riffs and heated growling vocals. The crystallized production of the album is immaculate and balanced with sing-a-long catchiness (My Favorite Sin, Do Do Do Do), taunting rock anthems (Makes Me Happy), a fretful love rock ballad (Oh I Want You) and cool, laid back lounge grooves (My Name, The Story of Three Weeks).

While not as polished as her sophomore release, The Rules of Dating, takes an endearing and honest approach to the listener. Morgan’s lyrics leave crimson trails of betrayed lovers, seduction and obsession. This album showcases of Morgan’s songwriting talent acoustic guitar work, melodious vocal arrangements and a witty stories which may warn future lovers not to piss off this upcoming singer/songwriter.

By emBROWNLOWe + Church of Girl
Published 19. October. 2006