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Sonic Otherworld

My Toys Like Me formed in August 2005 when producer Gus Fernald a.k.a. Lazlo Legezer met the captivating chanteuse, Frances Noon. They connected with the savant violinist, Stano, and the result is nothing less than genius.

Lazlo began making dance music in 1991 with an Atari ST and a 12 bit sampler and straight away, his career exploded as a DJ. He was soon playing live sets to crowds of 1,500 and was offered plum slots at underground soundsystem parties. He co-founded an organization to advocate for underground music. He organized rallies and hosted raves in protest of the criminalization of unlicensed outdoor parties. Eventually, he was arrested and jailed, then sued for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. He won the suit and received a cash settlement which allowed him to purchase some fantastic music equipment.

Lazlo moved to Prague but found himself performing all over Europe. One of his favorite gigs was in Sarajevo, “7,000 people in a hanger where disused trains and gantries 50 feet above the ground were used as dance platforms, with the Djs playing from atop a shipping container”.

Fitting in the edgier and more intricate corners of electronica, their music is a mash of tribally surreal trip hop. The heavy, portentous beats, the ever contemplative violin and various complimentary instrumentations are delicately set against Frances Noon’s matchless voice. Concurrently, she sounds sexy and inviting, unpredictable and dangerous and beautifully introspective. Ms. Noon is also in a rock band and Gus tells us 2006 is going to be a big year for her.

Count us rapt and impatient for more.

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