persephone's bees
Notes from the Underworld
received 07.06  
columbia records

Sophisticated Psychedelic Pop

Angelina Moysov was born and raised in Russia. As a child she was exposed to Russian Folk and Gypsy music by her mother and her brother exposed her to British and American music as well as underground Russian punk and New Wave. Such a unique musical heritage makes for a unique musical style.

When Angelina moved to LA in 1993 and met Tom Ayres, he immediately recognized how special she was. The two formed Persephone's Bees. In 2001, the band won the SF Weekly Award for Best Pop Band. In 2002, they self-released their EP City of Love which won best debut album at the California Music Awards.

Their most recent release Notes From The Underworld is influenced by "some books, films, smells, colors, interaction with people and my observations of the human condition." The music is a fantastic gypsy joyride through pop music history traversing 60's pop, Punk, and Glam grounded by Angelina's cooing voice and knowing lyrics . The mix up of complementary yet competing forms of expression on Notes From The Underworld results in some of the most appealing pop music we have heard in a long time.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 24 July 2007