The Hot EP
received 03.06
Product.01 Records


Product 01 is the UK-based duo of Rochelle (vox) and Admamo (Synths). The two are already well-known for their remixing skills and have worked with Adam Freeland, Chicks On Speed, Dave Clarke, International Pony, Larry Tee, Tommie Sunshine, Si Begg, Princess Superstar and others.

If their latest songs "Hot Trap" and "Access" are any indication of the future of Product 01, the two will soon be known for their electroliscious sexy dance music. Rochelle's breathy, sundry, sex-trip vocals; "lashings of aural S&M" spread out over the top of Adamo's dirty, sweaty electro-beats and heavy synth-bass lines. The remixes of "Hot Trap" and "Access" were done entirely by Rochelle and Adamo and offer something for all sorts of dance floors.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
14 August 2006