received 01.06

58 Records

photo:  Mishka Westell

Cerebral in Bristol

Rasha Shaheen began making music at age 24 and has been roaring along ever since. Apparently, she had a lot of pent-up energy after spending much of her childhood in Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia where "[she is] sure the start of all [her] problems lie...".

She currently has at least four musical projects under her belt including the Bristol favourite Mooz, the post-punk exploration Male with Big Joan singer Annette Berlin, Bristol supergroup The Liftmen, and her latest solo release, Hatshepsut.

Hatshepsut is beautiful but deadly; an album that defies the laws of tradition. The songs on Hatshepsut are an uneasy mix of soft, round acoustics and spiraling gothic theatrics. Rasha's voice responds in kind adding and air of sexual tension and menace to each track.

Her live shows are quite enjoyable if only for her sultry voice and solid musicianship of her band. She also reportedly has a great light show of evolving colours and shapes that accompany the music. She also often has friends step out of the audience to play guitar/bass/drums/vocals which keeps the music evolving like the light show. Rob da Bank at BBC's Radio 1 picked her up in January!

Those of you in the Bristol area are lucky indeed. Don't miss the chance to check this lady out next time she plays!