Girls With Candy Hearts
received 02.06
Teenacide Records

Sugar-Pop Kitten Coquettes

Rocket is Lauren W. (vocals, keys), Chief (bass, vocals), Lauren G (guitar, vocals) and Kelly (guitar, vocals).

Nearly two years after swooning the masses with the sunburned sugarpop of their debut album, Too Hot To Be Bothered, Rocket returns with a new EP, Girls With Candy Hearts which features 8 scrumptiously hot pop tunes full of mouth-watering hooks and toothsome harmonies.

On Girls With Candy Hearts, the ladies of Rocket cover of Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Nick Gilder, and The Fabulous Stains,along with a couple of original compositions. Rocket's music is agitated, rattled, fresh and sweet all at once. Like a taking 60`s girl group (a la beach blanket boogie) and adding in the flourish of 70' and 80's metal glam. Rocket is an overload blend of smiles and candy and tough pop.

Girls With Candy Hearts officially released on Valentines day (of course) and is available from Teenacide Records.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
30 May 2006