Future Past, Present, Tense
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SSado-Nation formed in 1978. Though the band has had a few different members over the years, Sado-Nation’s mainstays have been Mish Bondage and David Corboy who are widely considered to be Portland’s founding punk godparents.

Mish Bondage is a Portland native. She met Jerry A (Poison Idea) in 1979, when she was just 15, and attending her first shows, some of which included the Styphnoids, Neo Boys, Wipers and Sado-Nation. She was deeply affected, and the following year, Mish, Suzy Quaalude, Amy Nitrate, Leesa Nation and Angie formed the first all girl hardcore band in Portland, The Braphsmears, where Mish would play bass for half the set and sing for the other half. People either worshipped them – or hated them – and they frequently experienced an ashtray or partially consumed pitcher of beer flying in their direction.

As one of the few early leading female forces in the hardcore scene, Mish was recruited from The Braphsmears to become the singer for Sado-Nation in 1982. Others took notice, too. In 1984, she was named female vocalist of the year by Flipside magazine, and to this day, she’s a powerful presence: the words she puts to music are layered with meaning, and her stage antics frighten and thrills audiences. Mish prowls across the stage firing out words at rapid speed.

Mish had moved to Los Angeles in 1984 in a quest to expand her experiences in the music world. She lived the life of a true rebel punk rocker and artist, working at Mystic studios and playing with other bands. She worked with El Duce on different recording projects at Mystic and of course, became known for her wild stage antics. Mish moved back to Portland in 1985, and continued to build her cred: She sang in Girlie Crum (whih included members of he Frances Farmer Gals and Catholic School Girls). Girlie Crum disbanded a year and a helf later, after many shows and a short tour with the White Trash Debutantes.

In 1998 Mish was approached by Ginger Coyote (White Trash Debutantes) to submit material for a benefit compilation done in honor of author Danielle Steel’s son, Nick Traina, who played in different bands in Los Angeles. Around the same time, Mish reunited with her writing partner David Corboy to perform at the Northwest Legends of Punk Rock showcase. After this show, interest in Sado-Nation renewed and Mish and Corboy started work on an anthology of Sado-Nations’ work over the last 25 years.

David Corboy’s vitae is equally awesome. He started playing guitar when he was only 9 – and in 1963(!) formed his first rock band. The following year, he became the rhythm guitarist for The Avengers, and went on to play in other bands including Differentiated Concepts, Road Runners, and in 1967, joined the to be popular contemporary rock band, The Just Six. At the height of their career, in 1968, they were on Dick Clark’s Happening ’68 – a teen music showcase!

David went on to play in many other bands in various musical syles – from blues-rock to light glam, to eventually, punk rock, and while in art school in the 70’s he wrote a lot of songs that would become the foundation of the first incarnation of Sado-Nation.

Although Sado-Nation’s history officially spans he years 1978 – the present, the band was most stable from 1980 – 1984 when the lineup was Mish Bondage (vocals) Steve Casmano (bass) Chuch Arjavac (drums) and David Corboy (guitar). We highly recommend ‘Future Past, Present, Tense’ as part of your punk archive. The CD contains the music from 6 releses spanning the career of the whole band: from the 1980 EP featuring Leesa Nation on Vocals – to the 2000 release, The Teal Project.


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