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This is not about . . .

Shiragirl are probably best known for their Shiragirl Stage during the 2005 Warped tour. They’re a defiant, all-girl, pro-feminist band. We sing praises in their name – especially for the lyrics on songs like “Not Gonna” and “This Is Not A Girl”.

Their audacious bum-rush of the 2004 warped tour was called the “Most punk-rock move to get invited into the family" at MTV’s inaugural Warpie Awards. And for good reason; the ladies SNUCK IN to a local California date with their pink RV (!), set up a guerrilla stage, and started playing. Their presence of course got the attention of tour organizer Kevin Lyman. He paid the stage a visit and his reaction was to simply say, “Cool. How many dates will you be playing?”.

The Shiragirl Stage was picked up for 2005 vans warped tour and showcased more than 100 unsigned, underground and independent all-girl and female-fronted bands from across the country; giving the festival a much-needed estrogen boost. Half of all Warped Tour attendees are female, but the entertainment roster was almost exclusively male. Shiragirl told Ecclaim, “Girls need role models so they can see that they can express themselves that way, too. A lot of girls have come up to us and said things like, ‘I want to start my own band now. I thought my boyfriend was the one who was supposed to do that kind of thing,’”.

The estrogen shot was a huge success, and the Shriagirl Stage is invited back for Warped Tour 2006. Details of the Gritty in Pink Band Search will be announced soon. Check the Shiragirl Stage MySpace site for the latest. Shira’s Play-a-Grrrl Productionz released the All-Girl Stage Crew Compilation CD Vol. 1, featuring 22 female-fronted bands from across the US + Canada.

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SHIRAGIRL: Not Sold In Stores

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Fearless Electro Punk Grrrlies

It’s rare that I play a new submission two times in row without stopping. The women of Shiragirl create music full of energy, style and groovy surprises. Vocalist, Shira, is backed by Shadows (DJ Lava) on turntables. This dynamic duo jumbles genres, adds a little scratch here and metal guitar there, with electronic beats and an unstoppable attitude.

They collaborate with all-girl crews of ass kicking guitarists, DJ’s, skaters, artists, videographers and musicians and have accomplished an impressive amount in the mere 3 years they’ve been together – from conquering the Warped Tour in 2004 to recording with Tim Armstrong (Rancid/The Transplants). They’ve danced onstage with the mouthwatering Peaches and jumped Le Tigre’s stage at Coachella. The ladies purchased a tourbus, painted it hot pink (of course) and are driving around rockin’ this country – and even made a trip to Europe.

Shiragirl are based in Brooklyn, but seem to be living in their hot pink tour bus. Fueled by the edge, sharp and fearless Shiragirl is organizing ShiraGirlz Stage - as part of the whole Warped Tour! We want to catch it this year… this is a band who smashed a giant Barbie doll piñata with a guitar until she spilled out with tampons & candy!


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