Sidesaddle Sweet Talk
July 2008 Radio Star
decadrisco records

Party On!

We Shitting Glitter! We recently received Sidesaddle Sweet Talk, featuring 3 hot remixes of Slut Buffet!

DJ Boy says the tracks will be burning up a dance floor near you sometime soon. Visit Shitting Glitter online and tune in for the Radio Stars 1 and Electro hours on Church of Girl Radio to check out the new songs! xo

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Free Alongside Ship
received 01.06
decadrisco records

May 21, 2006 Portland
Church of Girl Presents:
Shitting Glitter
Childhood Friends
DJ Boy
SE 8th and Main

Pants On Fire

Our favorite queerions Shitting Glitter sent us a copy of their sexy No Safe Words CD Single. We were lucky to get a copy as it was written for and sold exclusively at Folsom Street Fair 2005 in San Francisco. The A-side is "No Safe Words"; a song written specifically for the event. The "b-side" is a cover of Altered Images "Happy Birthday".

Both songs are extremely danceable. The a-side "No Safe Words" appeared on the DJ Boy's October Electro Punk All Star Mix. Seriously, if this single were any hotter we'd have to stamp it out.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 08. April. 2007


Shitting Glitter (SG) are Amy Crosby (lead vocals/lyrics), Devin Tait (synths, vocals, programming, flute, percussion), Brandon Glen (guitar, bass, programming) with fabulous go-go dancer, Coco Ono. The group formed in 2002 with a mission of igniting the gay music scene in Los Angeles. Today SG is courted by organizers of Pride and Queer events in states all around the country, Out Magazine has cited SG as a ‘Hot Pick’ and the band recently performed the first single “Mondo di Corpo” on Q Television Network.

Locally, they have graduated from playing in seedy gay bars around San Fernando Valley to playing in West Hollywood at places like The Knitting Factory and The Cat Club. It's easy to get excited about SG and their music; their creative expressions mature and improve with each and every release. They are an astounding band and it is obvious they remain true to their creative mission: Shitting Glitter’s music is unlike anything else you’ve ever heard before.

Free Alongside Ship is their second full length album and it shows off the talent and diversity of their style. Their music is an old school take on glam rock, with innovative synth pop, exquisite dance punk in an electro-mash topped with a dash of country delivered in the tradition of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. The 13 tracks navigate complicated political and sociological issues. Amy writes lyrics that are not only powerful, but also subterranean and not preachy: “Social distraction accel to full destruction” and “procrastination they teach, a daisy chain of jesus freaks”. We were goose-bump tingly hearing the recompositions of 'The Curse', 'Slut Buffet' and 'Ladyslipper'.

The band will be in NYC in April to play an exciting queer event and are soon embarking on a west coast tour to promote Free Alongside Ship.  Later this year, they are scheduled to open for Tiffany, and will share a stage in Albuquerque with Berlin, Bow Wow Wow and Taylor Dayne!

Their bold and righteous irreverence is the embodiment of the essential rebellion. We recognize them as models standing firm against the prevalent conservativism within the music industry.

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SHITTING GLITTER: Free Alongside Ship

Click on the cover of Shitting Glitter's album to preview songs and purchase music.


received 05.05

Beautiful Three

We have so much love for this band. Their music is suPer – and we love their sense of activism, purpose and community.

If you didn’t already know, Shitting Glitter stands firm in the belief that Rock and Roll should include some rebellion or subversion. Repeatedly, people tell the band to change their name. They won’t. We know why, too, it helps to sort through those who might not be “equipped to deal with the bands liberal views and wild stage show”.

Shitting Glitter’s latest release, “Ladyslipper” is a softer listen than we expected, and we LOVE every one of the songs. We truly could not choose which songs we liked best, or thought you would like best, so we will be airing all of them on Church of Girl Radio! We hope you will purchase your very own copy of the CD from their website.


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Sexy Clown Circus
received 08.04
decadrisco records

A tasty mélange of'.swamp.punk!

Shitting Glitter is: Amy Crosby, Devin Strecker and Brandon Strecker. I’m sure yr already wondering about their name. Legend is - it refers to the sparkly poops left behind by Amy’s kitty; the aftermath of some tinsel eating!

Their CD – Sexy Clown Circus – combines Country, Electro, Folk, and New Wave into Bayou Punk Gumbo. Such an uneasy mixture has the potential to go horribly wrong; but in the hands of these musical alchemists, it turns into gold. The songs are catchy, danceable, and the lyrics are subversive comments on rape, gender politics, and sexuality. Amy is a very thoughtful lady with a wicked tongue.

Shitting Glitter is extremely supportive of their communities, playing at political events, celebrations, marches, and festivals all over. They are currently working on their next release “Free Alongside Ship”, which we cannot wait to hear.


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