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Darker & More Delicous

Since forming in Long Beach in 2000, Squab has evolved from a driving indie-no wave band into an experimental gothic distortion. Driving the change was the addition of new vocalist Elle who not only has added a darker quality to the music but a new collection of instruments including a trombone, violin, and sitar.

Elle's alto Siouxie-Sioux voice rises nicely from the depths of Tracy's chaotic electro bursts and churning sequential keyboard murmurings, LaDawn's relentless percussion and Chris P's twisting basslines. The heart pounding throb of Squab's rhythm section is engaging as ever from the dance-floor=ready track "Don Juan" to the disjointed and aggressive ethnically-styled "Eshk".

Squab consistently performs invigorating live shows and have played with notable queer/female fronted bands such as The Butchies, The Sharp Ease, Les Baton Rouge and Le Tigre (just to name a few out of dozens). They have also succeeded in using their music as a social tool to support causes benefiting women, queers and minorities.

By Em Brownlowe + Church of Girl
Published 08. April. 2007



received 02.04


Another New Favorite @ CoG!

This LA foursome -- Rosy, Chris, Tracy and LaDawn – have a truly original sound, combining elements of Dark Wave, Electro, & Goth into a fantastic aural delight both strong and exploratory. Stay tuned in to these ladies - Heartcore Records has announced they will release Squab’s first full-length CD.


9. June :: Heartcore Records sent an early EP of Squab's upcoming full-length CD, and just in time, too!! Radiogirl received her first request from a listener last week, for MORE SQUAB!!