Me With Trees Towering
received 08.06

cherchez la femme projects

photo: Julia Laxer

The Way Up

Swallows are unbelieveably talented and we love their unique sound. Their debut full-length, Me With Trees Towering, officially releases October 10 on Cherchez La Femme Projects.

Of course, our review will be published later, but for now, tune in to Radio Stars 1, 2, 3, Power Pop, Garage, Darkside or Queer Variety hours on Church of Girl Radio to hear some of the new songs. (or visit their website or myspace page) xoxoxo





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received 11.05
cherchez la femme projects

photo:  Katrina Cole



You'll Be Astonished!

Important fact #1: At sea level, sound travels through air at approximately 1,224 kilometers per hour (761 miles per hour) at 15°C (59°F).

They are only two: Emily Brownlowe (guitar + vocals + misc) and Jonathan Miller (drums + melodica + misc). In the summer of 2003, Jon (somewhere in Massachusetts) and Em (in San Diego) were making plans to move to Portland. They found each other on an internet message board – both looking for someone to play in a band with once they arrived in the creatve matrix of our fair city.

Swallows radiate profuse sonic allure and devise astounding original compositions and ingenious reinventions. Their interpretation of Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” is brilliant and is so catchy that DJ Boy often finds himself singing it in the shower…no kidding. Their music is an amazing concoction of blues, garage, math rock, and indie-pop. It’s a little like listening to The Gossip, Cold Cold Hearts, The Need and The Belles all rolled into one. Em’s voice is clear and powerful with an impressive range of style and mood; plus the lyrics are fun and clever!

Under various previous monkiers’ (Dirty Shirley, Led Kitten, Dot.Dot.Dot. and Yarokei), Swallows have performed at a number of bars and cafés with regional artists such as Anna Oxygen, Rebecca Gates and Emily Herring. They were also featured on Portland’s cable access show The Politics of Dance, and are going on tour in April. (Check Swallows on MySpace for dates and info)

Swallows were recently in the studio with Radio Sloan (The Need, Fact or Fiction). Their debut CD will be released later this spring on Sarah Dougher’s fabulous label, Cherchez La Femme Projects.

By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
11. February . 2006