Waiting to Explode
received 11.05


Here's a Little Taste

SXY is Shanine Xavier Yngvason. Unordinary for any age, the 22 year old SXY has shown dedication to her art from an early age. Rather than being embroiled in the tentative world of fashion and boys, Shanine spent her teenage years working with her brother Helgi writing and recording music for their band Zero Ambition.

Born and raised in the Northwest, Shanine and Helgi’s unique musical style has developed and matured over their 12+ years of playing together. They also bring a unique blend of cultures: they are half Icelandic and half Spanish.

Shanine’s voice IS sexy – and strong - but sweet too. She’s striking, too, and has a keen fashion sense. Helgi, who also goes by the nick of Kid Diskonekted, is a self proclaimed geek and frequently cites the Smashing Pumpkins, “cool kids never have the time” to explain his long hours in the studio honing his skills and making his art.

Over the last decade, the brother-sister duo have taken their musical experiences and created SXY. The demo, Waiting To Explode, was written and produced in their home studio over the course of 4 months. The result is impressive. The songs linger and you want to listen to it over and over again. And their music is a true collaboration: Shanine and Helgi both play guitar, bass and keys, and they write, mix and produce it together too. Helgi does all the programming and engineering.

They are currently at work on three more songs and will officially release the 7 track CD Waiting to Explode later this year.


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