I Know the Truth
received 02.06


Feminine Hardcore

Formed in January 1999, The Applicators are a five-piece garage punk band from Austin. Members include Sabrina (vocals), Erica (guitar, back-up vocals), Christina (bass, back-up vocals), Cookie (guitar), and Terri (drums). The ladies have been together for seven years (save the addition of Cookie in 2003) and are finally getting their due.

Their CD I Know the Truth is full of triumphant "fuck yeah" guitar and soaring melodies. Itís a great punk rock album...a girls-in-the-garage Texas-style collection of hardcore with a feminine twist. The lyrics are for and about women according to Sabrina -- a feminist who turned her writing into music. While The Applicators sound is obviously informed by bands like the Runaways, The Go Goís, Motorhead and The Pixies, Sabrina's biggest inspiration comes from her grandfather's saxophone playing.

The Applicators played on the 2005 Warped tour and were voted "Unsigned Band of The Month" by Alternative Press Magazine last December. They played at the 2006 SXSW as well. Looks like itís going to be an amazing year for The Applicators, they certainly deserve it.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
13 August 2006