Running With Scissors
received 02.06
Teenacide Records

Fast, Loud and a Little Bit Dangerous

The Checkers lineup includes Julie Vox (Vocals), GG King (Guitar/Vocals), Lee Madcap (Bass/Vocals), and Mark Reback (Drums).

The band made huge waves in 2003 with Make A Move; a wonderful new-wave-inspired album called "an almost perfect power-pop/pop-punk record in the '70s tradition" (Teenage Depression) and "a gum-smacking power-pop masterpiece" (Now Wave). Make a Move also got heavy rotation on radio stations worldwide and was supported by the band in a multitude of sizzling live performances.

The Checkers second full-length release Running With Scissors is a bubbling frenzy of California power-pop replete with catchy beats and hooks galore. Julie is a power pop stunner in the tradition of Blondie, Belinda Carlyle, Joan Jett, Nikki Corvette, or Penelope Houston: a cake frosted in checker-and-leopard-print icing with her brash, bad-girl voice.

While new-wave inspired, the Checkers aren't about schmaltz. In fact, for a band drawing so much influence from the new wave era, The Checkers don't even have a keyboard! What we are left with is a solid power pop album guaranteed to get you worked into a lather with hip-shaking goodness.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
30 May 2006