Got It?
received 03.06
307 Knox Records

Lo-Fi and Fierce

The Dirty Little Heaters are a two-piece rock/punk band from Durham NC and they immediately won our hearts with the song 'Young Turk'. Melissa Thomas (drums) hails from New Jersey and has played in such bands as Medusa Complex and The She Mama's. Reese Gibbs (vox and guitar) comes from Minnesota and has played in Boss of Emily and The Last Nerves.

The two were introduced through a mutual friend, and in late April 2005, Melissa and Reese decided to form The Dirty Little Heaters It was the right thing to do; Reese's powerhouse voice and blues influenced punk guitar belonged with Melissa's hardcore drumming. They didn't know how well at the time.

The Dirty Little Heater's sound has its roots in 70's rock ‘n’ roll, with equal parts punk and power-pop. But their stripped-down no nonsense approach lays bare their authentic musicianship. There's also the depth of feeling, of ominous force, generated by Reese’s powerful voice and lyrics. She really puts it all out on the table in complete Janis Joplin style. The intense emotional vocal moments on Got It? are punctuated beautifully by Melissa's expert drumming and Reese's guitar.

The buzz about the two ladies has spread beyond Durham and they are getting invites from all over to come and play. To date, they have played with The Butchies, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Robo Sapien, The Ex-Members (Featuring Melissa York) and The Moaners (featuring Melissa Swingle of Trailer Bride). We expect this will be a busy year for The Dirty Little Heaters and hope they make it out to Portland someday.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
15 August 2006