It Doesn't Hurt
received 04.05
evil eye records

Gritty Gritty Love

The Guilty Party is Angelica Maze (vox), Serge Vladimiroff (guitar), Psam Holt (bass) and Tony Fag (Drums). The San Francisco based trio released their first full-length CD "It Doesn't Hurt" in the summer of 2006. After listening it is clear that messing around with The Guilty Party could get you a strong post-punk punch to the jaw – not to mention an eye-scratching musical impact on your heart and soul.

On "It Doesn't Hurt", Serge's pulsing guitar lines, Psam's throbbing bass and Tony's determined percussive beats perfectly frame Angelica’s solid and emotionally aching delivery. She is a Femme fatale in the mold of PJ Harvey or Shirley Manson and through her- the songs become vicious warnings to those who commit the deadly sin of betrayal.

With lyrics like "He pleaded baby, baby, baby this is your last chance for fun...and I said gee whiz mister does that I mean I get a taste of your big hot smoking gun?...Cause you'll have to do better than that business suit...To get any of action on your hot pursuit" it is clear The Guilty Party is all about standing up for yourself and not being a "Guilty Party" to wrongdoing in any form.

By Em Brownlowe + Church of Girl
Published 08. April. 2007