the jolenes

Portland's Sweet Power-Pop Princesses

The Jolenes are Portlandís reining garage pop queens. Katy Sanford (vox/guitar), Christina Wolfe (bass) and Candy Blystone (drums) are infectiously cute but rock out like a sugar-toothed buzzaw. The ladies have played in and around Portland since 1999 and are currently signed with Good Forks Records.

Their sophomore full-length release Get It To Go is a guilty pleasure to be sure! The songs feature 60's style girls-in-the-garage backing vocals and harmonizing with edgy music reminiscent of The Breeders, Dolly Parton, Elastica, The Go Go's and Shonen Knife. Think hook-laden and sinfully catchy with lyrics exploring subjects like ice cream, skirt length, and thatgirl named Frenchie all in the key of Katy with her syrupy-sweet voice.

The ladies love dressing up on stage and have plenty of sass and sex appeal to drive the mens and ladies into a frenzy. They are currently taking a break, but we look forward to seeing them out on the prowl soon.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 08. April. 2007